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Vienna in the Nevada field

In Memory...

VIENNA, our Lil' Ranch Dog...

and mascot for "Team Riddick."

She created laughter and many smiles at our Arizona Working Aussies

stockdog trials, numerous other trialing facilities and ASCA Nationals & Finals. 

Vienna brought richness to our days and cuddles at night.  She loved helping with the stock and ranch chores in her own little way.  She may have been small, but her heart was big and full of love.  Vienna was loyal, true and an amazing companion.

She will Forever be close at heart and in our memories.

Vienna taking a break from chasing the ball
Vienna guarding the mini-ranch
Diane Sanderson and Vienna
Vienna the 'lil ranch dog
Vienna guarding the puppy
Vienna "Team Riddick"
Vienna Basking in the Arizona Sun
Vienna exploring the wilderness
Vienna tending to our lamb, Tyrian
Diane Sanderson and Vienna
Vienna "Who are these puppies?"
Diane Sanderson and Vienna
Vienna's Birthday Pupacino
Vienna 'lil ranch dog - exploring Idaho
Vienna "AZ Spa day"
Diane Sanderson and Vienna
Vienna exhausted watching the stockdogs at Nationals 2022
Diane Sanderson and Vienna
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