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Sponsorship & Donations

Many people acquire or own a working breed of dog because of the intelligence and athletic ability found in these breeds.  Most people do not have the opportunity to see the original purpose for which their chosen breed was used.  Understanding the intended purpose of the breed helps to explain some of the behaviors they observe in their dog and helps to understand some of the quirky traits their dog may exhibit.  Attending a competition is the first step to understanding the behavior and potential value of the dog they have at their side.  Once exposed to seeing what a dog can do, people will often explore lessons and training to realize the full potential of the dog they own. Arizona Working Aussies was created to aid in allowing people to both showcase their dog and to be exposed and learn of the potential of all working breeds, with the emphasis on the Australian Shepherd.


Our goal is to award our participants for their skills and strong dedication at the end of each day /weekend stockdog trial. Friday and Saturdays include ribbons/rosettes and awards.  Sunday’s include ribbons/rosettes, awards, and buckles.  To make a difference, we rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses in our community.  Your sponsorship/donation will go towards special awards as well as help to defray the costs of our stockdog trials which include facility rental, stock charges, awards, buckles, and much more.  Your support is critical to the success of our stockdog trials.


We appreciate any monetary value or product donation.  Your support will ensure that the AZWA continues to be a positive influence in the lives of numerous individuals who train, compete, and give their all.


If you would like to be a part of their success, please contact us for more information.  Your sponsorship may provide a stockdog handler their first buckle or new achievement in their division!


Thank you for your kind consideration in becoming a sponsor or donating.

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